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The Institute for Naturopathic Medicine is organized as a non profit organisation.

The staff of the institute consists of four doctors, four other employees offering health information, another four employees occupied with various functions and about 120 inactive members of the society. It is financed by contributions of the members, the treatment fees that are paid by the patients and money from a  job creation scheme, offered by the german government.

Scientific studies initiated and done by the institute in 1993:

Blindstudy to the diagnostic system „electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll (EAV)“:

l Two diagnostic methods have been compared. The results have shown  a 92% concordance in the 51 cases investigated. These positive results have been the basis to use the EAV-test for the investigation of about 1500 patients with amalgam related problems. Chemical and microbiological stress, as well as allergies have shown to be able to be diagnosed by this method, too.


Studies of the institute in 1994:

 „Amalgam and allergy“:

l we have compared the number and quality of allergies with the number of amalgam fillings in 322 patients. We were able to show that only 12 % of the people without or with only one or two fillings had allergies, compared to 76 % in those patients with 8 or more fillings (see graphic). The main health problems and allergies were asthma, chronic bronchitis, polymyosis, eczema, contact allergy and food allergy. Acne and visual problems (spectacles) have shown to be highly correlated with the number of amalgam fillings as well.

l Furthermore a study about acupuncture treatment in patients with headache and/or backpain started in 1995, was only just finished.

Studies of the institute in 1996:

 „Conjunctivitis sicca“ or „dry eye study“

l Conjunctivitis sicca (dry eyes) is a major health problem for about 4 million people in Germany.

The „dry eye study“ with 36 patients has shown that people with heavy metals like amalgam and palladium used in their goldcrowns often have fungi in the large intestine and also food allergies. Patients which have been treated had very good results.

l Another still ongoing study in co-operation with the University of Marburg shall confirm  the results of our own amalgam study under strict scientific conditions and with a new design. The patient`s amalgam will not be removed from their teeth, but they will be treated for 3 to 6 months with medicaments in order to remove amalgam from the stressed body tissues.Half of the patients will be treated with placebo.

The Marburg amalgam study

has been published in an abbreviated form in the journal „Arzt und Umwelt (4/1995)“ and in the book „Ill by amalgam, what can I do? (1996)“( Krank durch Amalgam- was tun ? In german language )

266 from 420 patients that had been investigated answered to the second question-papers. 130 patients finished the amalgam treatment.-

The University of Munich has made some publications about the concentration of mercury from amalgam fillings in the human body (Drasch, Daunderer). This has led the german government to publish a recommendation and warning not to use amalgam for children, young women and patients with some rare diseases.

The removal of mercury out of the body has been shown by Daunderer, Perger and Friese.

One problem for the realization of studies to prove the impact of amalgam on the human body is the great number of symptoms caused by amalgam.

Dr. Hahnemann, who founded homeopathy 200 years ago, had published a list of 1200 symptoms caused by mercury poisoning. The abuse of mercury in medicine was one of the main reasons for his work.

Here is a list of symptoms that can be caused by amalgam(mercury):

            ð mouth symptoms:

            bleeding of the gum, burning tongue, metallic taste


            contact allergy, food allergy, hey fever, eczema, asthma

            ð chronic infects:

            rhinitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis

            ðnerval symptoms:

            chronic headache, migraine, tiredness, lack of energy, concentration problems,    depression, anxiousness, nervousness, sleeping problems, eye problems, tinnitus

            ðcardiovascular symptoms:

            low blood pressure, arrhythmias

            ð other symptoms:

            sweating, pain in the back, losing hair, gastrointestinal problems, rheumatic diseases

Methods of investigation to prove an amalgam poisoning:

Ø skin tests to show allergic reaction -> only these tests are accepted by the healt insurance companies

Ø DMPS-test -> 40 minutes after the injection of DMPS an increase of the urine concentration of mercury, copper and zinc can be measured in stressed persons. Only 5 to 10 % of the patients will do this test because the health insurance companies neither pay nor accept it.

Ø electroacupuncture according to Voll test (EDSS) -> used by 2000 german doctors and healers. The health insurance companies don`t pay for it although three universities have published positive reports about this method. Many other causes of chronic diseases can be found with this method.

How does it work:

By applying a small and not sensible voltage of one volt to the patient and meanwhile checking 10 to 50 acupuncture points one can get information about which organs are most stressed and poisoned. According to the acupuncture point and the related organs or tissues one will measure a voltage drop when the refering organ is poisoned (e.g. with amalgam or formaldehyd). Then again it is possible to determine the poison involved by using the resonance and medicament test (both parts of the electroacupunture method), which in addition give information about the degree of stress and the best possible treatment.

This method works with in the computer stored frequencies of the refering drugs, poisons and germs. Once applied to the patients body, the body will interact with these frequencies and this interaction can be measured and shown by a graphic program.

The duration of the test is between 5 to 120 minutes.

Many years of practice with the above mentioned method have shown us that there is a group of symptoms and diseases that seem to be highly correlated with amalgam poisoning:

            Øfungi in the large intestine,  chronic sinusitis, allergies and many more.

Other sources of illnesses that we are able to prove are chronic chemical poisoning from materials used in homes, clothes and at work (e.g.: formaldehyd, PCP, lindan), chronic but   often painless infection of teeth or lack of vitamines.

Standard therapie combination for 3-9 month:

selen    100 mcg, zinc    50 mg  Lymphdiaral ( Pascoe )  3 x 10 drops  ( homoeopathic help for the lymphatic system for the liver)

or our swedish combination: algamin 2 x 2  selen duo 2 x 1   or

DMPS, Chemet (DMSA), CH7, Demertox ( with glutathion )

Fungus therapy: Prosymbioflor, Symbioflor I and II, Omniflora N, Mutaflor

Results of the treatment Over 80 % felt better or is not ill any more

Studies 1997: Alternative treatment Multiple sclerosis, Tumor, Cancer, Kinesiology

Multiple sklerosis- naturopathic diagnosis and therapy

We have about forty ms-patients. We are using a special computer system (acuproII) for diagnosis of the multifactorial reasons of chronical diseases. This Elektrodermal Screening System (EDSS, in german: Elektroakupunktur nach Voll, EAV, used by about 2000 medical doctors) can test each organ, also the brain, at special acupuncture points( we have 1200 different) at the hands and feet, if a organ is disturbed, in the second test which special frequenz changes our value in measurment of the organ-point. We have spezial frequenzies for viruses or other microbes but also poisons like mercury or chemikals.

The university of ulm found that patients with ms have three times more of mercury in the blood as other people.The university of München found out that this comes from amalgam-fillings in the mouth- not from food-.We and two other groups found out that detoxifikation of viruses by an special nosode-therapie, a very soft kind of desensibilisation, plus detoxification of amalgam about 12 month or more by DMPS or Cystein (in Algamin from sweden), high doses of zink and  selen, treating against the often found dysbiosis of intestine and the chronical infekts of sinusitis and painles tooth-inflamation helps the patients very much. Mostly the disease is stopped, often some symptoms disapear.

Dr S.Lambrecht from Hamburg reportet about 20 cases she treatet over eight jears, Dr. Thomas Heinze, Homberg/Ohm-Klinik Walb, published an article about his jears of treating ms, if you are interestet in the text please send a fax.

Blindstudy with a Diagnostic System Electroacupuncture according to Voll (EAV, EDSS) by Homeopathic Medicaments and ACUPRO-System

A mixed American - German group of four EAV - testers - D. Danz, D. Leber, R Schneider and B.A. Weber MD, investigated 51 persons by electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll using the ACUPRO II -system of Douglas Leber, USA.

The aim was to find out in a blindstudy,wether it is possible to get a diagnosis by testing with homeopathic medicaments and the virtual "homeopathic information" of the computersystem ACUPRO II.

The question must be very easy in order to have answers that could be proved in a very short time.As new German scientific investigations, that show the risk for chronic diseases by having amalgamfillings, we tested by EAV in this blindtest wether people have amalgam in the mouth. The results have been compared with the results of dent. D. Danz , investigations.

The following points are now very clear:

1. By homeopathic medicaments, in this case " mercurius solubilis", diagnosis can        be secured at the electroacupuncture - points, that are known from chinese     medicine and Dr. Voll (92 % positive).

2. Not only low potencies as D 3 showed these results, even the high potencies as      D 30 can be used if the toxin of amalgam has been in the body for a long time.

3. The results of testing by original medicaments and the "virtual" testing by      ACUPRO II have been compared.

     In 98% we found the same results.

4. The results of blindtesting with EAV done at the University of Utrecht,         Netherlands, could be proved by this study.(Lit.:

5. The number of amalgam fillings is significantly higher with allergic patients: The         result of our study with 259 persons in 1992 has been proved by this .Amalgam is      one of the reasons for the increase of allergies.

6. Measuring only the allergic points of EAV does not show a positive result or           answers the question, amalgam or not. The medicament-test is necessary.

7. The full spectrum of a holistic diagnostic with the electroacupuncture according to    Voll, could not be shown by our "short-tests" in this blindstudy.

The positive results of comparing diagnoses show the necessity of studies with complete tests that are helpful in many cases of chronic diseases.

Dr. med. Bernhard A. Weber, Marburg, Germany

(Deutschhausstr. 28 , Tel.: 06421 / 690074 )

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